Advocacy, Inc.


Government Affairs

Government regulation and agency compliance are facts of life and a cost of doing business – sometimes very costly.

You wouldn’t build a home without a contractor, so don’t fight city hall without a government affairs consultant. Our team knows local, state and federal government. We know who to talk to, what to say and how to say it.

Whether you need assistance on regulatory matters, government program access or wish to solve a dispute with government without the cost of a lawsuit, our team can effectively represent you and let you concentrate on running your business.

Lobbying & Legislative Consulting

Legislation can change the course of your business or organization, the marketplace for your product or the freedoms you currently enjoy.

We monitor local, state and federal legislative matters for you and alert you when we feel pending legislation may affect you. Perhaps you wish to pass legislation- we can help with drafting, sponsor recruitment and lobbying for passage.

For every cause there is an opponent, and your company or organization is no different. We can mount an effective opposition to legislative efforts seeking to damage your business or interest.

Corporate Public Relations & Crisis Communications

The public image of a company is worth its weight in gold, but nothing in business happens by chance. Don’t take a chance on your company’s image. We can plan and execute a comprehensive public relations campaign that compliments your business model and helps to achieve your goals.

Positioning your company or cause in a proper context can help frame your image, the debate that surrounds you and enhance your legislative efforts.

If unforeseen events create a crisis for your business, you should make sure your first call is to Advocacy, Inc.

Grasstops Coalition Management

Sometimes a “hired gun” lobbyist is not sufficient to win. Our firm has earned a reputation for recruiting, organizing and mobilizing effective grasstops coalitions.

Grasstops? Yes - opinion leaders, prominent members of a community, business executives, donors and confidants - the people that matter most to an elected official.

We find them, educate them on your issue and organize them into effective constituent-based advocacy for your legislative, public policy  or public image effort.

Client & Contract Procurement

We know a lot of people. Our success is built on knowing the right people.

If you are trying to capture a new client or a contract we can assist in developing and executing a winning strategy. Whether you need financing, B2B networking or a leg-up in securing a government contract, we can increase your chance for success.

Media Production & Placement

Television. Radio. Direct Mail. Print. Web. Smart Phones. Whatever the medium, we specialize in message development, talent selection, production and placement in electronic, print and e-based communications. We provide creative and effective full-service creative-to-broadcast media services for political, advocacy and not-for-profit clients.